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We can manage your social media accounts, amplify your message across social media and grow your brand.

Google Analytics Audit

An audit is a cost effective way of highlighting any issues you may have without committing to anything further. You decide what you do with your report.

Google Analytics Packages

Packages for those who would rather have someone else take care of it.

On-going support

We are happy to become a part of your team and support you with analytics reports and recommendations.

Analytics For Business Insights

Your website isn’t just for making sales and generating leads. It is a huge data source about your potential customers. With analytics you can learn what is working and what is costing you money. Budgeted for marketing recently? Analytics will tell you if you are getting an acceptable return on your investment.

Why Is Analytics So Popular?

Imagine knowing all about your potential customers, where they came from and how they interact with your website. Such knowledge gives you the power to target your ideal audience and make it easier to reach your goals. Learn where to focus your time and money effectively and eliminate the guesswork. Analytics will help you identify new markets and highlight what is and isn’t working in your digital marketing strategy. Increase leads, sales, revenue and start accelerating your business growth.

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Visual Reporting. Digestible Results.

Our reports are deliberately visual. We save the technical language for our staff and present the results for the time-conscious, non technical businessperson. Stay informed with monthly reporting and reviews. We are responsive and available to talk to you regarding your digital marketing campaigns.


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How do I know that Social Media Management will help me?

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How do you track the success of social media?

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What do I do if I have no social media accounts yet?

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I have negative comments on my Social Media, can you help with that?

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How long before I see results?

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Not yet setup? Starting over?

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed or would like to start over completely, we can get you going from £399. All we need from you is a chat about your needs and some contact information for your developer to make sure we don’t step on any toes. If you don’t have a developer we will take care of all the code too. We will install the necessary tags across your whole website and setup your new Google Analytics account. Once we have taken care of the basics we will make sure you are taking advantage of every advanced feature you can use (you won’t need enhanced e-commerce if you don’t have an e-commerce site). Have remarketing campaigns you would like tracked? Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, we will install these for you asynchronously. This means that all your tracking pixels will load together at the same time, speeding up the loading time on every page of your website.

Already have Google Analytics installed?

If you have already installed Google Analytics and do not wish to start over we can do an audit of your analytics to check its health and relevance to your business needs. You will get a meaningful, actionable report that will show you where your analytics is doing well and what needs to change. Any serious issues are clearly highlighted so that you can prioritise your workload. Looking for someone to monitor your account for you? We can report on your analytics and offer business insights to improve your marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics Audit

Get control of your data

So what are the benefits of an audit?

Having completed an audit of your analytics configuration you will have an extensive list of what is right, what is wrong and what needs more attention. With this clear picture of your analytics’ health you will know if you are making important business decisions based on bad and inaccurate data. Hopefully everything is as it should be, but if the audit uncovers any problems our report will help you get back on track. What’s more, you will be empowered with more robust and concise reporting which will measure the things you value most. As if that wasn’t of benefit enough, you will have a fully utilised analytics platform that can validate the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns.

Why is this important?

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool for a reason. It is great for making data-driven decisions and improving your bottom line. Unfortunately this tool becomes less and less useful the poorer the setup is, leaving money on the table. In some cases it even hurts a business as management make decisions based on bad or faulty data. Some important considerations for a Google Analytics Audit:
  • Measurement strategy
  • Accuracy and usability of data
  • Advanced features such as enhanced e-commerce, site search, horizontal funnels and custom audiences
Reliable data empowers you to make the right decisions You won’t know how you ever lived without it AUDIT MY ANALYTICS

Who implements the changes?

That is up to you. We provide you with a list of recommendations for you to do with as you wish. Some clients like to pass this report to their in-house developers as an opportunity to expand their skill-set. Others like to have us take care of it for them so that they can focus on what they do best, running their business.

The auditing process

It is important to have your Google Analytics account configured correctly, since if it isn’t you cannot trust the data you are seeing. Such a problem is exacerbated when considering that data in Google Analytics cannot be changed retrospectively, meaning you are unable to retrieve the data you thought you had.

Audit and report on needed changes to get the basics right

We begin by auditing your current Google Analytics/Universal Analytics configuration to make sure it has been implemented correctly and that you can trust the data you are collecting. We document this process so that you can review the recommended changes. With the basics covered we move on to auditing the more useful features in this great tool.

Establish goals and conversions to leverage Google Analytics

To leverage the power of Google Analytics we discuss your business’ goals, KPIs and check that they have been implemented into the reporting functionality so that you can measure your success in relevant terms. This may involve tracking customer call to actions or e-commerce data like the number of sales and monetary values.

Fill gaps in analytics strategy with UTM variables, experiments etc

Finally, we take a broader look at your overall business strategy and make suggestions on where improvements can be made to further enhance the power of Google Analytics. Want to track phone call conversions through analytics? Know for sure if that magazine advertisement is driving traffic? Want all your A/B split testing data in one place? Avid Panda has you covered.
How do I know this is for me?
  • Your account was set up a long time ago and has been neglected as the rest of your business developed
  • You want to know that your data is accurately reflecting your business as it is now
  • Many hands have been in your analytics account and you want assurance things are as they should be
  • You aren’t getting the reports you need from the data
  • You have reason to doubt the data you are working from
What are the deliverables?
Analytics can be complicated and we know geeking out in our own technical language doesn’t help anyone. It is useful to have something you can hold, share and understand. That is why we send you a report of the audit with all of the recommendations and the expected impact these will have on your business. The report will also be prioritised so you know what should command your immediate attention and what can be deferred in favour of more important tasks. An estimated time of completion is included should you choose us to implement the recommendations. A plan will also be provided detailing how you can measure the success of your business and individual marketing campaigns.
How long does it take?
This will depend on what you want from your analytics. Generally the audit is completed within a week. This allows time for testing and reporting.
How much does it cost?
Contact us for a quote.
What do you need from me to make this happen?
Access to your Google Analytics account. You can either provide us with a login or you can add our email address as a user so that you maintain top level control. We will also need some time with the relevant people in your business to understand your requirements.
Can you implement the recommended changes for me?
Absolutely. We offer an audit separate to the implementation to keep our pricing transparent. No sense in paying for added services if your analytics is already in top form.
What should I do next?
Get the ball rolling by giving us a call or sending us a message here expressing your interest in Avid Panda Analytics. If you sent a message we will contact you in a short while once we have had a nose around your website and recorded some details about your analytics.

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